My first try of wireless charging was back in 2013 with Lumia 920. At that time, I thought finally I can eliminate that last cable. But more I tried it, the more disappointed I was. After all, I reached to a conclusion about Wireless Charging: Not only you can't eliminate the cable but you need an extra charging pad.

What's even more annoying is that the charging speed is significantly slower than using a cable. And obviously you can't use your phone while charging and device can easily become overheated and cause some security concerns.

Now almost 5 years later, when iPhone supports wireless charging, I'd like to give it second try. But obviously there's no breakthrough about the technology, and it's still based on Qi standard. I purchased the Mophie 7.5W fast wireless charging pad, which supports faster charging speed and also does a better job of heat control. After putting it near my bed and using it for over 2 weeks, I start to find some benefits and realize how it gradually changes my charging habits.

First it solves the problem of cable management. Keeping cables neat and tidy has always been a challenge and I've broken several cables by dropping the lightning head on the ground. Moreover, the messy cable can even make it easy for me to drop the phone by touching the cable uncarefully. Now the charging pad solves all of that.

Compared to plugging the cable into the phone, simply dropping the phone on the pad is more effortless and easier to engage the charging. The rubber material on each side of the pad also securely position the phone and prevent it from dropping on vibration.

While I don't expect the wireless charging speed can overtake the traditional way, this new 7.5 watt charging pad offers decent speed to charge the phone overnight and I no longer need to worry about forgetting to charge my phone when sleep. Because charging is now as easy as placing the phone on the desk.